Pray with us Online

Here’s our live video feed!

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Pray a rosary with us online in the universal language of the Universal Church followed by interviewing a Catholic leader. You don’t have to know Latin, just download our translation sheet here.

Watch our ad here, starring the lovely Taylor Jones:


Recognized by two different press publications for our new media usage!



5 thoughts on “Pray with us Online

  1. Marija

    Hi everybody :) Thank you for your amazing job Antony, you are a blessing.. I can see you and hear you, Christina and Carlos to.. Best Regards from Switzerland

    1. Anthony Perlas Post author

      Hi Marija,
      All glory and praise to God! Thanks for tuning in! Wow, Switzerland? That’s amazing and encouraging. I can’t help to thank you enough for tuning in!! Let me know if you had any feedback or comments and what you’d like to see!

    1. Anthony Perlas Post author

      It’s a blessing to be moved by the Holy Ghost! All glory and praise to God. Let’s renew the face of the Earth, Carlos!


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